Piano requirements

Although Hands On Piano can be used with the computer keyboard, you need a real keyboard or digital piano (with MIDI) to obtain the real instrument feel. A digital piano will provide the best instrument feel, but Hands On Piano also works well with a simple keyboard without sound. In that case, the program will provide the sound and external loudspeakers or headphones may be needed.

In many tunes, a piano with three octaves will do (see picture to the left). To play more advanced tunes you need a piano with several octaves. If several persons want to play simultaneously, you also need a large piano.

Computer requirements

We have prioritized Hands On Piano to work on many computers. You need a video card for computer games. Preferably the computer shall be online while you activate Hands On Piano. Then you can play offline. Today we provide Hands On Piano for computers with Windows (XP or later). We plan to offer a Mac-version in the near future.

All you need to play...

...is Hands On Piano, a keyboard or a digital piano with MIDI, and a computer. There are two different alternative types of equipments as illustrated in the figure on the right hand side. In the pictures above and below you can see what it may look like in real life.

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