Hands On Piano doesn't work on my computer - what can I do?

Hands On Piano is designed for computers with a video card for computer games. If your video card is not sufficient, the program can be slow. Please try the following alternatives to improve the performance (the first three alternatives entail that the graphics of Hands On Piano are reduced):

Does the computer have to be online?

You can use Hands On Piano on an offline computer. If the computer which you want to connect to the piano is offline, you can proceed as follows to activate Hands On Piano:

The piano menu and the hands are missing on my computer

You probably have an old computer and/or and old video graphics card. Try to update the video card drivers. You can also try to run Start Menu - Programs - Hands On Piano - Bad Video Graphics -
Hands On Piano Compatible

If you have further questions, please email us at: support@handsonpiano.se

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