Now everybody can play the piano interactively

For just €20 + VAT everybody can play the piano. It's easy - all you need is a computer and a piano or a keyboard with MIDI.

Hands On Piano...

Perfect for children

Do you want your child to play the piano? Or do you want to play yourself? Hands On Piano is suitable for everyone who wants to play the piano, from school children to retired people. Your can decide if you want to play by notes or have a close-up view at the keys.

You have fun and learn in the process

Hands On Piano uses the game learning technique. This makes it fun to practise. You compete with yourself or others, and your efforts are awarded with game money. It sounds good from start since the program accompanies you.

Just follow the hands

Interactive hands guide you to use the right fingers on the keys.

Download and test

Hands On Piano v1.1.0.1

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