The fingers have numbers

You shall use all fingers when you play the piano. Each finger corresponds to a number. We have included these numbers on the falling keys to help you match your finger to the correct key (white numbers on yellow stripes in the picture to the left). You can choose if you want these numbers to be visible on the falling keys and in the notes under "Settings". The next finger to be used is highlighted in yellow to prepare you to be ready. (The blue figure in the picture represents beat.)

It sounds good from start

Hands On Piano accompanies you. This makes it sound good from start. This accompaniment vanishes if you press too few "right" keys. Hence you are the manager of the accompaniment. Since the computer accompanies you, you can play advanced tunes from the start irrespective of your piano skills; depending on level you play few to many tones in the arrangement.

The front piano is the user interface

In the picture to the left you can see the front piano in Hands On Piano. This piano corresponds to the two middle octaves in the piano and is the user interface of Hands On Piano. When you press the corresponding keys in your own piano you navigate in the menu. White keys are highlighted when pressed, which indicates that something is chosen. Black keys take you directly forward in the menu system. If you do not have a keyboard/digital piano, you can use the computer keyboard (see picture below where each piano key corresponds to a letter/number on the computer key). In the picture to the left, tune titles are presented on the white keys. The tune "Alla Turca" is chosen (highlighted in white). In front of the front piano you can see information about this tune; Mozart is the composer, the tune costs 2880 gamemoney, and the tune is "Hard". In addition, player information is presented. The name of the player is Jane. She owns 25000 gamemoney and 4 tunes. To navigate forward in the menu, just press the black key "Next" under "Navigate". If you prefer to play with one hand only, you can choose among alternative under "Filter". If you want to choose among more tunes, just press the black keys "Up" or "Down" under "Scroll".

14 lessons

A total of 14 lessons are included in Hands On Piano. In these, you learn the basics of piano. If you have never played the piano before, it may be a good idea to start with the lessons. Each lesson concerns a certain topic, for example finger numbers or notes, and comprises several passes. First, the computer shows you how to play. Then the computer helps you to practise. Each lesson ends with a pass where you play and the computer accompanies.

Compete against yourself or others

In Hands On Piano "Play" function, you can choose to compete against yourself or to compete with/against other/s:

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