Filter the tunes you want to play

By using the black keys below "Filter" you can:

The tunes range from Very Easy to Very Hard

Each tune is graded according to level of difficulty, from Very Easy to Very Hard. Sometimes the bass (played by the left hand) is easy and the treble (played by the right hand) hard. Sometimes it is the other way around. This makes it possible, even for beginners, to play advanced tunes since you can choose to play with the left or the right hand only. Hard tunes and Very Hard tunes can also be a challenge to skilled piano players.

The tunes becomes more and more difficult

In the beginning you play tunes with at most five tones in the bass (played by the left hand) and the treble (played by the right hand), respectively. You must use one finger to each tone in order to learn to use all fingers of the hand. We gradually increase the level of the tunes by introducing more tones. In many tunes you play the same tones in both treble and bass. Later on your left hand will accompany the melody which is played by the right hand. You can scroll between all tunes in Hands On Piano by pressing the black keys under "Scroll".

Format your music for Hands On Piano

If you want to spread music which you have composed or arranged to users of Hands On Piano, you can provide a MIDI-file according to the following instructions:

The MIDI-file can then easily be imported to Hands On Piano by putting the file in the folder "Import". If you want the finger numbers to work (numbers on falling keys/notes and moving hands), you need to create a text file with the same name as the MIDI-file. The text file shall contain two rows, starting with "Tn" and "Bn", respectively. After "Tn" you write the numbers on the right hand fingers to be used consecutively. After "Bn" you perform the same procedure for the left hand fingers. Hands On Piano take no responsibility for music produced by others.

You can import tunes

You can import tunes to Hands On Piano, either made by yourself or by others provided through Internet. The tunes shall be in MIDI and formatted according to the format of Hands On Piano (described to the right). To import the tune, you only have to put it in the folder "Import".

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