All fingers have numbers

The fingers are numbered. The number of the finger that shall play the key is given in the falling keys (yellow stripes in the picture below). You shall press the key when the number reaches the piano (the red stripe).

You can try without a piano

If you do not yet have a keyboard or a digital piano, you can use the computer keyboard (letters and numbers correspond to the matching key).

The piano is the user interface

In the front piano, the two middle octaves are presented. These represent the user interface; press the keys and you will move forward and backward in the menu system. There is a quickstart option. Just press one of the three black keys under "Quickplay":

Try the lessons

If you have not played the piano before, try the lessons. We also encourage you to play the same tune several times, since it may take some time to learn to read the falling keys/notes. You will improve quickly.


"Tab" changes between a close-up view focussing on the piano keys and a distant view where notes are visible."+" zooms in, and "-" zooms out.

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